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Who Are The Creators of Mythic Tarot

Mythic Tarot is not just a foretelling system. The authors of the system Green and Sharman-Burke emphasize a more modern, empowering approach to the Tarot, as a tool both for divination, for meditation and for other personal transformation work. Juliet Sharman-Burke has been teaching and supervising Tarot and Astrology for the Centre for Psychological Astrology […]

Tarot Workshop @ ISE fair at Eindhoven

Tarot Amsterdam will be participating in ISE International Fair on June 16th 2018. Larissa will host four 30 minutes workshops for the guests of the Fair. First 15 minutes you’ll learn in playful and interactive way about Oracles, history of Tarot, Structure of a Tarot deck, Numerology in Tarot, Synchronicity principle and predictions and Tarot […]

Tarot Amsterdam At Nomads

Once in a while we all feel like nomads in our journey of life. We find ourselves at a crossroad or are lost in a foreign territory. We seek guidance. Tarot Amsterdam gives short readings at the Nomads restaurant on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Fool

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tse   “… there is no guarantee at the beginning of such journey whether we will arrive safely, if at all. Yet not to begin is to deny the god, which on an inner level means to deny all in us that […]