I am a Mythic Tarot reader in Amsterdam. I have been practicing Mythic Tarot reading since 2001. Back then I completed a Mythic Tarot course in the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London personally taught by the creators of Mythic Tarot –  Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke. In the same year I studied Psychological Astrology with Liz Greene as well.


Most of the time I do reading in English, as this is the language I studied Tarot in. But I can also do reading in Dutch and Russian.

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Unlike the classical Tarot cards, Mythic Tarot are based on stories of Greek mythology. Modern culture is familiar with Greek mythology, those stories are archetypal for our life. Mythology is closely aligned to central values, and therefore to central conflicts, of culture. People up till this day still can relate to Greek mythology, because those stories are a distilled version of the typical issues that we face as we go through our lives.


Mythic Tarot is not just a foretelling system. The authors of the system Green and Sharman-Burke emphasize a more modern, empowering approach to the Tarot, as a tool both for divination, for meditation and for other personal transformation work.

Juliet Sharman-Burke is a qualified analytic psychotherapist with a private practice in London.

Liz Greene holds a doctorate in psychology and is a qualified Jungian analyst.


Philosophically, Mythic Tarot focuses on revealing the primary patterns active in a person’s life at any given time, allowing the individual to participate. It encourages the use of Tarot foretelling as a roadmap and guide, and discourages passively waiting for predictions of one’s future life.

Famous psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung called the Mythic Tarot cards ‘descendents from the archetypes of transformation’. This sentence inspired an influx of Tarot study by Jungians and Analytical Therapists.


The Mythic Tarot can be used as a tool to unlock greater understanding of your inner life, its patterns, and their manifestations in outer reality. It has been favored by Jungian psychology professionals who use the Tarot in their myth-based approach to the human unconscious; and has become popular with coaches and counsellors, enabling them to pinpoint more precisely the deeply entrenched patterns which may hinder an individual in pursuit of their goals.


The Mythic Tarot reading allows the individual to participate and take responsibility for his or her destiny. The participant is no longer passively waiting for someone to predict the future. Psychological aspect of Mythic Tarot readings reveals the primary patterns active in a person’s life at any given time.


I see Mythic Tarot readings as manifestation of the Synchronicity principle. The Jungian view of it, from the book “Synchronicity”, where Carl Jung describes this principle, talk about the effect when outward events are synchronous with the inner state: “How above, so below”, “The part can say something about the total”, “When there is a smoke, there is a fire”. So something is always signifying something else. The cards reflect the quality of the moment.


  • We meet at a convenient place for both of us, for example at Spiritual Center De Roos, sometimes at my home, sometimes at Spiritual book store, there are few more places in Amsterdam that I know that are suitable for Tarot readings.

  • First we get acquainted, have a cup of tea, have a 10 minutes social talk. Then I suggest to start, and I offer the option to tell the question or not. I personally prefer not to know the question from the beginning, so there is no influence on my reading.

  • Then I invite the person to take a moment and concentrate on their situation. They don’t have to have a clearly formulated question if they can not formulate at the start. But focusing in their mind, perhaps closing their eyes, focusing on the situation might bring up questions.

  • Meanwhile I am also repeating some short of inner prayer, formulating the intention that my own personal ego steps out of the way, and that I will be of service to the person, and that I am becoming a medium for the person for things that need to be heard and need to be said. My intention is that it is not my glory or my egotistical satisfaction what is going to happen.

  • At the same time I am shuffling the cards, then the person chooses the cards one by one. Most of the time I use the Celtic Cross spread, which has 10 cards. It’s a well known classical spread.

  • The person places the 10 cards one by one face down in a cross in particular positions 1, 2, 3 etc, which I of course explain. And then we see what the cards are.

  • Even starting from the 1st cards the person gains the flavor of the coming picture. And the cards progress the story unfolds, sometimes it is a complete surprise “Wow, what is this?”. And sometimes it is just so clear and so precise that it is unbelievable.


The payment can be agreed on the phone or when we meet each other.

The payment is proportional to the worth the client feels after the reading session. If they feel the value was not there, I gladly offer to reduce the payment, to be fair. It all depends on the situation. Sometimes the client does not have a clear question formulated in the mind. Or the question was too generic. Or maybe the person didn’t actually need to hear anything, or didn’t want to hear it. So not all sessions are successful, in terms of being “useful” for the person.


I do not do readings for people who want to do it out of curiosity: “Oh, do me a reading!” That is a 100% situation when the result is not going to be satisfactory. If the person doesn’t have an issue that they are facing or dealing with, then I would say it is a sleeping dogs’ life. Tarot readings shall not be treated as a game, just to see what happens.

But I don’t make something very sacred out of it either: “Oh, I will consult the cards and see the future”, etc. It is just that I think that when the person doesn’t have any significant issue or a problem, that they are dealing with, the resonance or the response will not be as strong for them. They are just curious. And I don’t indulge curiosity.


The Danish Girl

There was a time I was doing a reading for a Danish woman visiting Amsterdam. As I was laying the cards, I was having goosebumps for something, a very strong feeling of nominocity, of a very very strong importance of the situation, and I had no idea why. She didn’t tell me the question at the beginning nor at the end. I still don’t know what the question was, but she said that it was precisely what she was dealing with, that it was very important. She even asked me if I would be willing to give courses on Mythic Tarot cards, then she would gladly come from Copenhagen for it.

The Partners

Few years ago when I was doing Mythic Tarot reading at Nomads restaurant in Amsterdam, there was a person with her friends. And actually the reading was about a problem she was having with a friend of her, who was also a business partner, and was sitting right there. The client had a question about a situation with her friend, and cards were answering precisely to the point, shocking not only the client, but also her friend sitting next to her.


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